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day three, many miles travelled very fast

An early start this morning as we were going to get up and go to the army divisional championships in the next village along. We arrived to find that the paperwork wasnt in order so we could not run the course, which was initially dissappointing but turned out to be in our favour.

We had a look at the GS course and found out about how it worked in the start area etc and then we ran on down the mountian. It was good to ski in a different area. We did about 3 hours and came down to the cafe for food and drink.

The decision was made to come back to our base and carry on sking. When we got here everyone else decided that they had had enough. So myself and Terry went back up. We had an amazing afternoon doing 2 partial runs of the mountain and twice from top to bottom. We covered some good miles and were working on going fast on edges and not leaning with my head but turning my body to get my weight down hill and shoulders rotated around.

It was an excellent afternoon

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day two of French Training

I had an awsome day today.

It was a slow start as we had to unload food from cars and sort other things but with the kit all finally stowed to daddy Frams standards we headed for the hill. The purpose of the day was to build on yesterday. Thinking about rigger placement, keeping them forward and using body weight to drive the ski and get it carving. While looking where you are going, while separating your hips from the rest of your lower body.

I managed to break the side of my ski bucket again so more gaffer tape is needed. But other than that I went out on a new GS ski and had an excellent day. The highlight was running from the top down the downhill course black run to the bottom. The good guys do it in less than 90 seconds, we were more like 15 mins but loved every minute of it.


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Back on Track

No posts for a while. The plan was to go to the Netherlands in November for classification, where a pannel decide which catogory you should race in. Unfortunatly I didnt get there. Before my arrival it was decided that I was not disabled enough on the evidence they had to classify me so I was returned to the UK with a broken sit ski.

Since then I have fixed the ski and made some alterations to seating position etc, joint the gym three times a week and swimming the other two nights.

In December i went into hospital to have carple tunnel decompression done on both my wrists to improve my hand function. This went will the rest of the stay in hospital didnt and i ended up with various infections and eventually discharged myself before i caught anything else. Luckly my escape was the day before I was due to come out to Briancon in France for more skiing.

The journey over here was long and the roads very snowy but the winter tyres did the job. My off-road Boma wheelchair was also packed into the van and is amazing on the snow. We arrived and spent a day sorting out rigs and skis and had a ski tech lesson so I am now a little better at waxing skis.

The skiing day was really good. It wasnt as sunny as expected but the snow was good, having had a lot of fresh over the last few days. Skied some easy blues and then some reds and a black. It was really good to get into it again. My wrists still hurt a lot so the learning point from today was back to the last session on the mountian and using body weight to steer to ski and not outriggers.

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the funniest training session ever

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Snow and Sunshine

The day we had been waiting for. No wind, Sunchine and fresh snow from yesterday. We were up on the first lift and the top of the mountain was excellent. We were back on the slalom skis learning how to make them work.

The chair lifts were the bad point of today, failed to get onto any first time but improved the getting off as the day went on. I skiied hard today and was very tired by lunchtime but did some awsome skiing and had a go in gates, which i mananged in fairly good style!

video to follow …

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No Skiing, but a productive day

The wind put a stop to skiing yet again today. As we drove up the valley to the glacier the wind was howeling and unsuprisingly the cable car was not running. After a hot chocolate in the hotel we headed back to the accommodation. Followed by a trip to the gym.

I was not looking forward to the gym as I hated sport at school and have not used a gym since my injury. It was not as bad as i feared. We were given a lot of exercises to push and pull muscles and get little ones to work for us. I had a go on some machines and it was not to painful.

After a little rest we were back at the barn in our make shift gym. Having had some time to warm up a game of wheelchair rugby was in order which was violent. Mick ended up falling down a steep hill in his chair which was very very funny. We did some work sitting on a yoga ball and passing objects to improve core balance. After that we did a warm down and I finally got the process of using a physio roller and stretched my spine out until it hurt a lot less. I also learned about taking the pressure off between my shoulder blades.

I hope tomorrow is a skiing day.

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A good day skiing and a visit to the skimakers

Having got up early today was a success in terms of skiing. As we assended in the cable car the visability got worse and worse and the tempreture dropped and the wind rose.

I spent a few runs on the easy slope playing with my new ski before attempting the chair lift (not a success) The rest of the morning was spent concentrating on rigger placement and body orientation. I have learnt about shoulders and how to keep them level and down the hill but also to make the ski do most the work. I need to get it on its edge more.

The usual routine of waxing skis etc was carried out

I took up the offer of a trip out to the sitski manufacturer to see where my ski was made. It was a scenic journey out with the sun setting, picked up the new outriggers to replace the ones  the lads broke today and had a cup of tea with a man called Dave.

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Beautiful Day, No skiing

A 5:30 start this morning to make sure we were up and away by 06:45.

We arrived at the Glacier lift station only to find out that the cable car wasnt working due to 70kpm winds at the top. So we are back at the accomodation about to do some dry land training.


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Saturday – A day of rest and travel

Having packed all my kit, there is a lot of it, a lovely man called Terry from the joint services team pick me and all of it up in his van.

It was good to get out of the hotel, it was OTT for what we needed, who needs 7 courses served for dinner when each plate has one mouthfull of food on it. I got in trouble last night for eating the water melon for a starter as apparently it was supposed to be pudding.

The drive round the mountains was peacefull and the stop at the hardware shop interesting, I brought a new rachet strap to hopefully keep me in the ski.

The new accommodation is nice and the bed comfortable with a proper pillow. My kit has been packed nearly away (I hope it will stay that way). I have some mending of my ski to do but essentially this is a rest day. Tomorrow is back to skiing. I am looking forward to doing good skiing and impressing people. I am hoping that I will not have the pressure of being with the big boys as I am not ready yet.


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Fustrating Week

This is the end of a very fustrating week in Tux. I came with great expectations of which I have not meet any of them. I thought I could ski well but haven’t shown that this week. I thought the idea of the week was to learn and that process has been very slow this week. I also thought that I would be spending  a lot of time on the snow and being kept busy so was not prepaired for the fact that we were down the hill at lunchtime with nothing to do all afternoon.

I am looking forward to getting out of here and going on to Stubi with the combined services. I am hoping for a lot more freedom to be able to ski, self critique it and progress, with some coaching in there so I can improve and more importantly understand what it is the coach is asking of me so I understand what it is im supposed to be doing. Next week can’t do anything except get better. I believe I am good enough I just cant seem to convince anyone else of that. I want to be really good, that means people around me must also have to have high expectations of me but communicate what they are so we can meet them together.

team last day photo

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